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15 Nov 2011


Solara is a nutraceutical company that manufactures dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products for a wide assortment of private label clients. Since their inception, they relied on the founders’ networks and connections to generate new business. However, the decline in the economy and a move to new facilities prompted them to enhance their online presence to acquire new customers. In turn, our job was to redesign their corporate website keeping their B2B approach; structure the website’s architecture in a way that was friendly to the search engines and visitors; and, optimize the website so that it reached the top places in Google search for key phrases.

The Results

The resulting website has fulfilled Solara’s needs and then some. It is an attractive, easy to navigate website that clearly displays the key products and services the company offers. The graphics and content clearly represent the technological aspects of the business without being overly technical in its use of language.  Most importantly, traffic to the “Contact” and “Request for Quote” forms has surged, resulting in a record amount of new business requests. This is  mainly due to a methodical search engine optimization strategy, which has resulted in “organic” first page Google results for a number of critical and highly competitive key phrases, including:

Google.com position
contract manufacturer tablets miami # 1
custom formulation supplements miami # 1
custom formulation vitamins miami # 1
priave label capsules manufacturer miami # 1
private label lozenges # 1
private label lozenges manufacturer # 1
private label lozenges manufacturer florida # 1
private label lozenges manufacturer miami # 1
private label prototyping # 1
private label prototyping services # 1
private label tablets # 1
private label tablets manufacturer florida # 1
private label tablets manufacturer miami # 1
private label taste masking # 1
taste masking private label # 1
taste masking supplements # 1
taste masking supplements miami # 1
taste masking vitamins miami # 1
contract manufacturer lozenges miami # 2
taste masking vitamins # 2
custom formulation private label # 3
private label tablets manufacturer # 4
contract manufacturer capsules miami # 5
contract manufacturer tablets florida # 6
taste masking service # 6
contract manufaturer supplements miami # 7
priave label capsules manufacturer florida # 7
private label custom formulation # 7

To learn more about Solara, its products and services, please visit www.solaraus.com.

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