Logo / Brand Design for Cafe Restaurant

admin | Case Studies
13 Jan 2012

The Situation:

D’Oro Caffe & Ristorante had a great history and reputation as a fine dining Italian restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their previous iconographic branding image had served them well in that market. However, as they planned to move and expand into the American market, they realized that their brand needed to be modernized and revitalized. Furthermore, their new approach – based on market demand – was going to be much more casual, including a paninoteca and a gourmet deli market.

The Solution:

After trying several design concepts and going through several rounds of revisions, D’Oro was very happy with this modern and stylish design concept. The rich red selected as the main defining color not only alludes to the italian heritage of the establishment, but also makes it very distinctive relative to other italian casual dining options in this market. The modern typographic style replaced the long standing iconographic design with a clean and sober typeface combination. Whether you are looking for a great panini, an italian espresso, or an “italian bar” experience in South Florida, D’Oro Cafee is the best option for you!

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