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30 May 2011

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When EZMELTS came to 4p Strategy, their website had e-commerce capabilities and the entire product line on display. However, it failed to demonstrate the unique ingestion method, and had a very outdated design and interface. Most critically, it was not designed to convert visitors into customers. Since it did not have a content management system, it was very hard for them to adjust pricing, content or update the graphics.

The Job at Hand

We restructured the entire website, creating an architecture that was search engine friendly, as well as easy to navigate. We developed custom wireframes to allocate the “real estate” of every single page on the site to maximize conversion. We then led the design and development team to put together a website that would reflect the newly adopted branding standards. Lastly, we developed, uploaded and optimized the graphics contents of the entire site (about 100+ pages), and did the same for all the ecommerce storefronts such as Amazon, Ebay and eCrater. The result is a state-of-the-art, award worthy website that is not only pretty to look at, but also very user and search-engine friendly. 

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